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Transaction Error Codes

What does my transaction error code mean?

If a transaction fails, there is a codespace and error code returned. These correspond with a particular module and the defined errors within.


Error CodeMessageWhat it means
3expiration time of authorization should be more than current time


Error CodeMessageWhat it means
2no inputs to send transaction
3no outputs to send transaction
4sum inputs != sum outputs
5send transactions are disabled
6client denom metadata not found
7invalid key


Error CodeMessageWhat it means
2capability name not valid
3provided capability is nil
4capability name already taken
5given owner already claimed capability
6capability not owned by module
7capability not found
8owners not found for capability


Error CodeMessageWhat it means
2sender address is empty
3unknown invariant


Error CodeMessageWhat it means
2delegator address is empty
3withdraw address is empty
4validator address is empty
5no delegation distribution info
6no validator distribution info
7no validator commission to withdraw
8set withdraw address disabled
9community pool does not have sufficient coins to distribute
10invalid community pool spend proposal amount
11invalid community pool spend proposal recipient
12validator does not exist
12delegation does not exist


Error CodeMessageWhat it means
2unregistered handler for evidence type
3invalid evidence
4evidence does not exist
5evidence already exists


Error CodeMessageWhat it means
2fee limit exceededthere are not enough allowance to cover the fees
3fee allowance expired
4invalid durationif the Duration is invalid or doesn't match the expiration
5no allowancethere is no allowance for that pair
6allowed messages are empty
7message not allowed


Error CodeMessageWhat it means
2unknown proposal
3inactive proposal
4proposal already active
5invalid proposal content
6invalid proposal type
7invalid vote option
8invalid genesis state
9no handler exists for proposal type


Error CodeMessageWhat it means
2access grant address is empty
3invalid access type
4access list contains duplicate entry
5invalid marker status
6access type not granted
7marker not found


Error CodeMessageWhat it means
2owner address is already bound to an uri
3address does not match an existing account
4no locator bound to address
5uri length greater than allowed
6No records found.
7uri is invalid


Error CodeMessageWhat it means
2msg type is empty
3invalid fee amount
4fee for type already exists.
5fee for type does not exist.
6invalid fee proposal


Error CodeMessageWhat it means
2no address bound to name
3name is already bound to an address
4value provided for name is invalid
5segment of name is too short
6segment of name is too long
7name has too many segments
8invalid account address
9invalid name: "." is reserved


Error CodeMessageWhat it means
2unknown subspace
3failed to set parameter
4submitted parameter changes are empty
5parameter subspace is empty
6parameter key is empty
7parameter value is empty


Error CodeMessageWhat it means
2tx parse error
3invalid sequencethe sequence number (nonce) is incorrect for the signature
5insufficient funds
6unknown request
7invalid address
8invalid pubkey
9unknown address
10invalid coins
11out of gas
12memo too large
13insufficient fee
14maximum number of signatures exceeded
15no signatures supplied
16failed to marshal JSON bytes
17failed to unmarshal JSON bytes
18invalid request
19tx already in mempool
20mempool is full
21tx too large
22key not found
23invalid account password
24tx intended signer does not match the given signer
25invalid gas adjustment
26invalid height
27invalid version
28invalid chain-id
29invalid type
30tx timeout heighta tx is rejected out due to an explicitly set timeout height
31unknown extension options
32incorrect account sequence
33failed packing protobuf message to Any
34failed unpacking protobuf message from Any
35internal logic errordefines an internal logic error, e.g. an invariant or assertion that is violated. It is a programmer error, not a user-facing error.
36conflicta conflict error, e.g. when two goroutines try to access the same resource and one of them fails.
37feature not supported
38not foundwhen requested entity doesn't exist in the state.
39Internal IO errorshould be used to wrap internal errors caused by external operation. Examples: not DB domain error, file writing etc...
40error in app.tomlan error occurred if min-gas-prices field in BaseConfig is empty.
41invalid gas limit


Error CodeMessageWhat it means
2address is not associated with any known validator
3validator does not exist for that address
4validator still jailed; cannot be unjailed
5validator not jailed; cannot be unjailed
6validator has no self-delegation; cannot be unjailed
7validator's self delegation less than minimum; cannot be unjailed
8no validator signing info found


Error CodeMessageWhat it means
2empty validator address
3validator does not exist
4validator already exist for this operator address; must use new validator operator address
5validator already exist for this pubkey; must use new validator pubkey
6validator pubkey type is not supported
7validator for this address is currently jailed
8failed to remove validator
9commission must be positive
10commission cannot be more than 100%
11commission cannot be more than the max rate
12commission cannot be changed more than once in 24h
13commission change rate must be positive
14commission change rate cannot be more than the max rate
15commission cannot be changed more than max change rate
16validator's self delegation must be greater than their minimum self delegation
17minimum self delegation cannot be decrease
18empty delegator address
19no delegation for (address, validator) tuple
20delegator does not exist with address
21delegator does not contain delegation
22insufficient delegation shares
23cannot delegate to an empty validator
24not enough delegation shares
25entry not mature
26no unbonding delegation found
27too many unbonding delegation entries for (delegator, validator) tuple
28no redelegation found
29cannot redelegate to the same validator
30too few tokens to redelegate (truncates to zero tokens)
31redelegation destination validator not found
32redelegation to this validator already in progress; first redelegation to this validator must complete before next redelegation
33too many redelegation entries for (delegator, src-validator, dst-validator) tuple
34cannot delegate to validators with invalid (zero) ex-rate
35both shares amount and shares percent provided
36neither shares amount nor shares percent provided
37invalid historical info
38no historical info found
39empty validator public key


Error CodeMessageWhat it means
1internalshould never be exposed, but we reserve this code for non-specified errors
111222paniconly set when we recover from a panic, so we know to redact potentially sensitive system info


Error CodeMessageWhat it means
2create wasm contract failedwasm code that has already been uploaded or failed
3contract account already exists
4instantiate wasm contract failed
5execute wasm contract failed
6insufficient gas
7invalid genesis
8not foundan entry not found in the store
9query wasm contract failed
10invalid CosmosMsg from the contractwe cannot process the error returned from the contract
11migrate wasm contract failed
13exceeds limit
14invalidcontent that is invalid in this context
15duplicatecontent that exists
16max transfer channelsmaximum number of ibc channels reached
17unsupported for this contract
18pinning contract failed
19unpinning contract failed
20unknown message from the contractby a message handler to show that it is not responsible for this message type
21invalid eventif an attribute/event from the contract is invalid
22no such contractif an address does not belong to a contract (just for registration)