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This section records all high level architecture decisions for the Provenance Blockchain. An ADR provides the context, intuition, reasoning, and justification for a change in architecture or to establish a new architecture. In contrast a spec provides a streamlined summary of an aspect or feature of the platform.

You can read more about the ADR concept in this blog post. Information on what an ADR should include can be found in the ADR Template file.


ADRs are grouped into several different categories which build upon each other. The initial decisions on configuration and adoption of methods inherited from upstream open source projects are listed first, subsequent components that build on this information follow. Each of these areas is assigned a number in the 100s, 200s, etc in series.

100 Blockchain Configuration and Concepts

200 Base Infrastructure

300 Core Concepts

400 Smart Contracts

500 Administration

600 Governance

700 Business Applications

800 System Migration