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Running a mainnet node

The steps for running mainnet are for the most part, the same as testnet except that the github repo is here and the chain id is pio-mainnet-1

Step 1:download the latest quickysync via and latest provenanced version.
At the time of writing this document latest version on mainnet was v1.16.0.
Download release from
For e.g for version v1.16.0 url is
Step 2:Untar data directory from the quicksync download and replacing the untarred data directory to $PIO_HOME/data
Step 3: Run the below commands
export PIO_HOME=~/.provenanced // or directory of your choosing.
provenanced init choose-a-moniker --chain-id pio-mainnet-1
curl> genesis.json
mv genesis.json $PIO_HOME/config
Step 4: provenanced start --p2p.seeds --x-crisis-skip-assert-invariants