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Running a testnet node from quicksync

Running a testnet node for pio-testnet-1 from a quicksync file.

The steps for running testnet are for the most part the same as mainnet except that the github repo is here, the -t flag is required to set the key prefix from 505 to 1 (putting the binary in testnet mode)and the chain id is pio-testnet-1

Step 1: download the latest quickysync via
Step 2: Note down the provenance version required for the quicksync file downloaded in step 1.
Step 3: Download appropriate release from noted from step 2.
Step 4: Untar data directory from the quicksync download and replacing the untarred data directory to $PIO_HOME/data
Step 5: Run the below commands
export PIO_HOME=~/.provenanced // or directory of your choosing.
provenanced init -t choose-a-moniker --chain-id pio-testnet-1
curl> genesis.json
mv genesis.json $PIO_HOME/config
Step 6: provenanced start --testnet --p2p.seeds --x-crisis-skip-assert-invariants