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Quick Start: Become a Validator

Provenance Blockchain is a public Proof-Of-Stake blockchain and relies on a set of Validators to secure the network. Validator nodes perform the critical function of proposing and validating transactions on the Provenance Blockchain network. A strong network of validators ensures Provenance Blockchain security is maintained.

Validators stake Hash to become part of the active network and share in rewards produced by the network's fee distribution framework.

Benefits of becoming a Validator
  • Earn Hash through fees paid by participants in the network
  • Earn additional commission when other Hash holders delegate their Hash to your node
  • Vote on governance proposals for the Provenance Ecosystem

Get started

  1. Read through the benefits and responsibilities of being a Validator and the Validator FAQ
  2. Learn how to run a node
  3. Setup the recommended node architecture
  4. Purchase Hash to stake and join the mainnet

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