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A blockchain wallet allows users to store and manage their assets and sign/send messages on the blockchain.

Before starting development, it is recommended that dApp developers familiarize themselves with the Provenance Blockchain Key Management Strategies the available wallets supported by Provenance Blockchain.

Supported Wallets

Provenance Mobile Wallet

Self custody mobile wallet application available for download on the App Store and Google Play.

Apple App Store Download buttonGoogle App Store Download button

Mobile Wallet Github repo

Provenance Web Wallet

Self custody chrome extension wallet application available for download on the chrome web store.

Web Wallet Github repo

Figure Wallet

Custodied wallet offered by Figure. Learn how to set up a Figure Wallet.

Ongoing Development

Provenance Blockchain Foundation is continuing development to support new wallets and improve the blockchain experience for our users. Stay tuned for more updates, or reach out to us with questions.

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