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ProvWasm Smart Contract Catalog

This list captures the most popular smart contracts currently in production on the Provenance Blockchain. To learn more about the development of smart contracts, please visit our smart contracts page.

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All existing contracts on the Provenance Blockchain are visible in the Provenance Explorer.

Bilateral ExchangeAtomic, bilateral exchange of tokens (Marker coins) in a single transaction
Read more about trading coins
Example Usage
Code: 5
Metadata Bilateral ExchangeAtomic, bilateral exchange of NFTs for tokens (Marker coins)Gov 39
Code 20
Limit Order BookLimit order book trading contract used by the Figure ATS (Alternative Trading System) for securities.
Read more about cap tables and the limit order book contract
Gov 33
Code 6
Restricted Marker TransferProcess for token holder to initiate transfer, followed by approval or rejection of Marker administratorGov 37
Code 19
Asset ClassificationProcess for third-party verification of asset data and typeGov 35
Code []
Warehouse FacilityWarehouse facility process between a loan originator and a warehouse provider.
Payment DistributionsPayment distributions on a digital asset
USDFContract governing the minting, burning, and movement of the USDF digital markerGov 40
Code 7
Capital RaiseInitiate a primary capital raise (GP)
Read more about the Capital Raise process and fund services
Gov 41
Code 22
Code 13
Investor SubscriptionInvestor subscription process for a primary raise (LP)Gov 42
Code 23
Code 12
Capital CallIssuance of a capital call for a primary raise (GP & LP)Gov 16
Code []
IBC ExchangeInterblockchain exchanges