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Hash is the publically available utility token on Provenance Blockchain, used to pay all fees on chain and for governance.

  • Its price floats
  • Its value is driven by usage
  • It can't be created or destroyed

Hash Markets

Data from the Provenance Explorer


Provenance Blockchain is uniquely suited to drive massive disruption in financial services by combining truth-vs-trust and riskless transactions, creating bilateral decentralized markets. Read more in our tokenomics paper.

Get Hash

Hash is publicly available, and detailed instructions on how to purchase Hash are as well.

See also: Quick Start: Get a Wallet & Hash

Additionally, the Provenance Blockchain Foundation funds a grants program for projects that enhance the ecosystem, research new directions, or provide educational resources. Apply today to kickstart your dApp!

Delegating Hash

Delegate hash to your preferred validator and start earning rewards immediately.

Hash FAQs

All tokens are inherently different, and Hash is no exception! We've collected answers to frequently asked questions about Hash to help broaden understanding of what makes Hash different from the rest.

Hash Medium Articles