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Ecosystem dApps

Decentralized applications (dApps) are being developed or in production for a number of users of the Provenance Blockchain. Stay tuned for continuous updates, or reach out if you'd like your project listed.


  • DART: A digital asset registry running on Provenance Blockchain.
  • Zorrosign: Secure digital signatures, transactions, and documentation company.
  • Storyline: Blockchain solutions for the entertainment contracts industry.
  • Figure Asset Manager: NFT and Token creation and management
  • Figure Equity Solutions: Cap table management leveraging immutable records and instant traceability.
  • Figure Marketplace: Bilateral trading of digital assets, including loans, loan participation, and private equity.
  • Figure Loan Origination System: Loans recorded, shared and exchanged, all on Provenance Blockchain.
  • Figure Pay: Payments improved using Provenance Blockchain.
  • Figure Portfolio Manager: Manage and see the real-time performance of loans on Provenance Blockchain.
  • Figure Passport: Digital Identity and KYC/AML on-chain for entities and individuals.

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