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Libraries and APIs

This page comprised a large list of libraries and APIs currently available. We recommend using this resource as a starting point before development to find projects that match your own, and use the existing examples to simplify your efforts. These resources may also connect you with developers who you can interact with via Slack or Discord. Stay tuned, as more ongoing projects will be added here continuously!

Provenance Blockchain APIs

Attribute Tx Messages
Query Attribute Messages
API for the Attribute Module
Marker Tx Messages
Query Marker Messages
API for the Marker Module
Scope (NFT)
Metadata Tx Messages
Query Metadata Messages
API for the Metadata Module
MsgFees Tx Messages
Query MsgFees Messages
API for the Msgfees Module
Name Tx Messages
Query Name Messages
API for the Name Module
Reward Tx Messages
Query Reward Messages
API for the Reward Module API Documentation API Documentation

Data and Business Intelligence

ResourceDescription Stream - blockchain event listener - Aggregate data to support business decisions
Blog post on using Aggregator Service - API for the Provenance Blockchain Explorer containing aggregate and cached data

Data Privacy and Off-Chain Data Storage

BlockVault Contracts

Off-Chain BlockVault Contracts & SDKAn introduction and tutorial on Provenance Blockchain's off-chain SDK, published on Medium

Object Store

ResourceDescription object storage system with a gRPC interface and strong encryption properties

Client Side Contract Execution

ResourceDescription a loan package scope specification and BlockVault smart contracts that can be executed against it object storage system with a gRPC interface and strong encryption properties store locator service layer that allows client-side contract execution with data privacy Contract Execution Environment API tools for rapid BlockVault test environment deployment for publishing BlockVault Contracts against a BlockVault environment kit for interacting with the Provenance Blockchain metadata module UI for BlockVault development

Data Models

ResourceDescription data model reference standard for Provenance Blockchain Metadata module and BlockVault Contract Execution Environment

Docker Images

ResourceDescription docker hub website with twenty downloadable provenance docker images to help kickstart development

Example dApps

Read the dApps page

ResourceDescription serverless Name Service dApp


ResourceDescription basic relayer implementation that is meant for users wishing to relay packets/data between sets of IBC enabled chains, utilities, andother utilities needed for ibc version of the IBC protocol in Golang

Key Management and Wallets

Read the Wallets page

ResourceDescription approach to fetching access-controlled keys for Provenance. Mobile Wallet app source code - Flutter/Dart - iOS and Android iOs mobile app client for dApps React dApp using WalletConnect Utils to create wallet messages - protos, build messages

Scripts and Utilities

ResourceDescription scripts to assist in Provenance Blockchain development and debugging

Smart Contracts

Browse the Smart Contract Catalog

ResourceDescription Wasmd, the first implementation of a cosmos zone with wasm smart contracts enabled Go lib for building integration test commands that store, instantiate, execute and query smart contracts on a Provenance localnet using the command line. is a wrapper around the CosmWasm VM. It allows you to compile, initialize and execute CosmWasm smart contracts from Go applications, in particular from x/wasm.