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The following tools allow for transacting and querying the Provenance Blockchain


  • provenanced Provenance Blockchain is wrapped into a single executable named provenanced. All interaction (whether creating a node, querying, or invoking actions) with Provenance Blockchain can be accomplished using the provenanced command. Read more

  • gRPCurl is an excellent command-line tool that can be used to interact with blockchain gRPC endpoints. Their installation and usage documentation will help you get started quickly.



  • Wallet Utils Typescript Utilities for Provenance Blockchain Wallet

  • Provenance.js The provenance.js library aims to be a complete and compact Javascript/TypeScript library for interacting with the Provenance Blockchain and its ecosystem.

GRPC clients in other languages

  • Using the Cosmos and Provenance protos you can build you own client in any language you want! Being a developer is kinda great that way. Go do it and let us know how it goes.